Does product choice impact player sign up?

When opening up a white label operator site, you have a lot of choice as to which platform you use and which games to opt for. This can feel like a big challenge to overcome when it comes to deciding how your casino or sports book platform will thrive over time. We’re looking into what this choice really means for white label operators and whether players care about the platform functionality as much as the persuasion metrics a brand can use to acquire new custom online.

Assessing different platform providers

If you go to various industry conferences and chat with multiple white label providers  you will most likely get a feel for their different offerings and solutions as a whole. From Dragonfish, FSB Tech to CasinoFlex or Jumpman Slots, they each offer their own take on white labelling software services. Making the right operator deal is key, as you want access to their games , provide a strong platform to market from and find the balance for creating a healthy profit margin on price.

With platforms like Dragonfish, you have the potential to give your players a selection of hundreds of different games. A big games offering helps you to compete with suppliers that have a bigger brand presence. With Dragonfish, you need to understand that this platform includes progressive jackpot games, so you may need to pay insurance on these in case the jackpot is hit by a player from your site.

The Jumpman library of games is slightly smaller, but they’re something of an up and coming network to consider. They don’t give you a lot of options to customise your offerings, as the welcome wheel is their main promotion for players. If you want more space to create new offers, then you may want to opt for going with a different partner instead. Working with brands like Every Matrix and Evolution Gaming would give you a more hardcore games experience. These guys offer live games and hundreds of table games too, so those that are looking to give their players a casino focused experience can use these providers.

The trick is to look at the detail, make a like for like comparison and decide what your brand needs to have before making the final choice. Understanding where and how you will compete in the landscape of competitors is key as well when understanding the pro’s and con’s of platform providers.

What do players really care about?

The truth is new players don’t tend to spend a lot of time looking into the backend software in use before they play. They’re more likely to take a quick look around your site, look at the payment options available to deposit easily and then decide based on the marketing and review features they’ve investigated at the site. While some will be aware of different networks and casino options, others will just be looking for a good place to play.

Offering choice is key to attract new custom. Having a live casino is something that is essential to their enjoyment of a site. Customers usually want to experiment with these games and experience the action up close. Some picky players will only play live games with certain providers or look for certain games before they settle. It’s all about whether the player is a soft casino player or if they look more in depth. Define who your target market is and then you will be able to cater to them. Those looking for a few free spins on Fluffy Favourites are very different to those looking for live Double Bonus Poker, so you need to decide which you would like to appeal to.

Players love exclusive offers, and are lead by promotional marketing and sophisticated brand design, so if you can, it’s a good idea to go with a provider that will allow you to add these in over and above their networked offers. If you’re an affiliate getting into the operator game, then you will know it’s easier to sell a site that offers something unique.

Payment methods also tend to come part and parcel with the software. The banking system that the platform uses can be advantageous or can scare players away, if they don’t offer the correct payment methods. Some players only look for PayPal or eWallet approved options sites for example, no matter how good your branding is, if you don’t offer this method then they won’t be interested in parting with their hard earned cash to play. Security is a main feature when dealing with online transactions so don’t discount it in the early part of your service delivery.

Taking your brand to the next level

The majority of white label operators will provide you with enough game software to acquire and retain customers for a good period of time, but this is also reliant on your marketing activities and promotional incentives. This means you need to watch out for pricing strategies that could eat into your promotional margins. Apart from the games on offer, pretty much everything else is on you to deliver a successful white label business. So make sure you research your market, understand your niche and do the due diligence required for understanding the costs. While this may be daunting for new white label operators, it’s a great opportunity to create a brand that succeeds in a competitive space.

Your web design, branding and tone are all opportunities for you to stand out from the crowd. While you may use the same software as a competitor, you can blast them out of the water with the things that you can control just by being innovative, streamlined and highly focussed on targeting and segmenting a like minded userbase. Create an awesome brand that resonates with your target audience and you’ll be able to capture their attention.

There are options for developers to create proprietary, unique software in house but this is a time consuming and costly route to go down. mFortune use this to their advantage to offer exclusive slots, which appeals to their target market. They identify the games and themes they want to see, and their in house team is able to deliver this to build on their brand.

While there are many options out there, you should be aware of the pros and cons before you dive into a deal with an operator. Do your research into all of the options and decide which slice of the market you really want to target, then take your brand to the next level.

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