WhichBingo publishes annual bingo report during LAC

WhichBingo has revealed details of its annual online report at this week’s London Affiliate Conference (LAC).  
The report features interviews with well-known industry figures such as Richard Flint of Sky Bet, as well as detailed analysis of online bingo industry trends, such as TV marketing spend and search engine rankings.
It also contains results from the annual bingo players survey, which provide important insights into players’ attitudes and behaviours. This year’s report revealed:

  • The total number of bingo sites is in decline.
  • Tombola spent the most on TV advertising, but Gala were the most visible brand in search engines.
  • Fairer wagering requirements have changed players’ attitudes towards bonuses.

The survey once again showed a trend of loyalty in the bingo market, with 47% saying they are members of two to four bingo sites. The gender divide remained relatively unchanged, with 88% of survey participants identifying as women, but there were signs of an increase in the number of players aged 55+.
When it comes to wagering and bonuses, last year 61% of players stated they would rather get no bonus at all if it meant they could withdraw winnings more easily.
Also included in the report are predictions from industry heavyweights, including Simon Collins from River iGaming and Ben Starr of 15 Marketing.
The report is the first since WhichBingo was purchased by XLMedia. It’s available to download here.

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