What you should know about Instagram’s new Branded Content tools

Anyone who works in affiliate marketing understands the importance of using social media correctly in order to attract customers and boost sales. Many social media platforms offer us affiliate marketers with a wide range of features and tools that help us to do a number of different things. One of the best platforms being Instagram, which is used by millions of people across the world daily.

Recently, Instagram have announced some new updates to its Branded Content tools and features. These new tools are designed to further increase transparency and clarity that surrounds affiliate marketing. They will also make it much easier for brands and creators to manage their Branded Content requests and approvals.

New tools and features

The first new tool that Instagram have recently released is the ability to tag up to two brands in one single post. This new tool means that as a creator or affiliate marketer you can now tag multiple brands in a single piece of Branded Content. This will allow you to greatly expand your capacity for tie-in promotions on your account. The new tool will also provide you with additional cross-promotional potential in your Instagram campaigns. More importantly, this tool will allow each brand to see the other before approving any integrated message or posts.

The second tool that Instagram have recently launched is the ability for you to post Branded Content prior to brand approval. This means that the brand name will not appear on your post until the brand give their approval. The new tool will give you more freedom to create and publish content, without having to wait for a long time to hear back from your brand partners. This period of time can be critical for creators and affiliate markets in terms of timely engagement and trends. The new tool also means that brands can then take as long as they want to approve your content, without their name appearing in the ‘Paid partnership’ label. Their name will only appear on your post once they have given their approval.

Lastly, Instagram will now give brands more access into content insights in Branded Content partnerships. This new tool will allow brands to view any response data from the Reels and Instagram Lives that you post. Back in March, Instagram added new insight options for Reels and Live, and now, that same data will be added into the Branded Content process. This tool will provide partner businesses with more oversight on the actual response data to their co-promotions.

As we all know, Instagram offers creators and affiliate marketers with significant opportunities to create and post Branded Content. These new tools and features will allow you to maximize your reach and response when posting Branded Content, which is extremely beneficial for both you and the brand that you are working with. Ultimately, they allow you to work with brands in a much more transparent and collaborative way.

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