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What skills should affiliate managers nurture in 2021?

For an affiliate program manager to succeed, they must have the right sales and marketing skills. Affiliate managers must be excellent communicators and understand the basic principles of marketing. The role is complex and for those who have simply fallen into this sector, it can be hard to stay on track and ensure everything you do is a success.

For this reason, affiliate managers should learn to nurture their marketing and sales skills in 2021 in order to get the results that they deserve. Below, we’ll look at some of the key skills that are important in this field of work and how they can be nurtured.

Good communication skills

Affiliate managers are often the point of contact and so they need to be good communicators. If you can’t build solid relationships with affiliates, how will you keep them around? In the iGaming industry, there are more affiliate programs than there are affiliates and so you need to build those connections in order to keep that revenue coming in.

In 2021, communication is key, especially with more people working remotely than ever before. While it may be daunting putting yourself out there, each time you present or take part in a virtual panel, you’ll build confidence and nurture those skills.

Affiliate program managers should be ready to network virtually, stay in contact with affiliates and generally improve the way that they communicate. This way, it will be much easier to build business rapport.

Building on digital expertise

In 2021, affiliate managers have a range of impressive tools at their fingertips – so why aren’t they using them? iGaming affiliates must always stay on top of the latest trends and have a strong digital knowledge, otherwise, it can be easy to get left behind. Sure, a lot of affiliate program management and digital knowledge of tracking platforms can be learnt on the job but how much do you really know?

Over the next year, it is vitally important that affiliate managers build on these skills and educate themselves. The AMPP training course has helped many affiliate managers do exactly that over the recent past. Learn about tools that can help with tracking, automation and more to succeed.

Understanding of compliance

Gambling regulations aren’t going anywhere and, if anything, they will only get stricter as the years pass by. Affiliate program managers are responsible for how affiliates promote the brand and so an in-depth understanding of the latest regulations is key to success.

Affiliates managers must be willing to dive deeper into compliance and regulation over the course of 2021. Many jurisdictions have already tightened age verification and marketing laws and your region could be next. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn so stay up to date with the latest developments and communicate these changes to affiliates.

If you are an affiliate manager, make sure to nurture these skills in whatever way you can over the next year. If you need any additional training from an industry expert, our next AMPP open cohort begins on 27 January 2021. Click here to learn more about how this course could change your mindset and help you achieve your goals in 2021.

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