Trends for affiliate web design

Creating the perfect user experience is key for converting customers to offers. In the competitive iGaming space, it’s always important to give your brand the best chance at success. Using these UX web design features for your site or app can really help get you noticed. 

Engagement + Gamification

Your bounce rate can be a key metric for SEO, especially if you have a high number of users that are choosing not to interact with your site before leaving. Creating interactive elements for your site will increase the amount of people that make this choice, as they want to see what happens. 

Automation tools that enable simple site gamification such as “spin a wheel to win a prize” then enter your email to get a special offer makes for great interaction tools . Whilst it may be a gimmicky the implementation and design can make it appear sophisticated. A chat bot, decision tree or even a quiz can have a similar effect.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and put your brand out there in a new way. This can be lightweight in terms of design too, as you can use plugins for many of these options. This can give you the opportunity to increase your engagement levels, without breaking the bank. 

If you want to go more in depth, you can create a layered design for your site. This makes the whole site feel interactive, instead of just a single element. If you’re struggling to get conversions with your existing layout, then recreating the entire design can make all the difference. This can allow you to draw in new users by switching up the rankings, as improved UX can also improve your SERPs. 

Use the screen effectively 

Whether you’re designing a mobile responsive site or app, you want to ensure you’re using the screen properly. This may even mean creating a different version to be served up to larger tablets than smaller smartphones. Each of the elements of your site or app should be maximising the space that they’re taking up. 

One of the best ways to assess your design is with split testing. Creating different versions of your site with elements changed, then split testing them on your audience, will allow you to continue to improve. Monitoring and improving is key if you want to provide the best site possible for your users. 

Swipe your way to success

Swiping can feel like a natural way to get your app on the map. It’s an easy way for your user to get more information and it’s intuitive enough that they already know what they’re doing. This is a regular enough interaction among apps that the user will already be au fait with it. You can use card layouts to allow users to select from different sections – which makes for a good flow through the site or app. 

Google have been experimenting with this layout for years now, creating a futuristic feel within their products. As they define the new normal, it’s a good idea to keep up with their offerings if you want your brand to have the same permeation. We all like to try out apps and sites that are doing something different, as they have the novelty factor. If you can incentivise users to make their first interaction this way, then they’ll be more likely to scroll through the rest of the content. 

As we all know, standing out is often the most important thing for an affiliate. Make sure you implement fixes on your site or app to dominate that mobile market. This is only going to grow as time goes on, so create the perfect mobile experience using web design trends. 

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