Wag.io secures new deal with White Hat Gaming

The affiliate content and compliance monitoring application,Wag.io, has secured multiple gaming brands ahead of their launch at the ICE and the London Affiliate Conference last week.

The early acquisition of White Hat Gaming as a client is a fantastic indicator of the anticipated success expected from the launch of Wag.io. White Hat is a well-known gaming company, who feature market-leading casino content within a centralised proprietary back-office. This new partnership means that the list of brands monitored by Wag.io at launch is extensive.

CEO of Wag.io, Roo Wright, spoke of the company’s mission: “Affiliate marketing has evolved to prioritise accurate promotional information and correct brand representation above almost all else. Wag.io helps affiliates and operators refine acquisition processes whilst maintaining compliance requirements.”

He also expressed: “Once operators have seen what can be achieved by this technology, much of the overwhelming fear around affiliate compliance can be overcome.”

Wag.io runs in parallel to an operator’s existing affiliate management software and automates the monitoring of partner creative, promotions and websites. This allows brands to ensure marketing partners comply with their core brand values, internal company policies and all relevant regulatory guidelines.

This software application is expected to be popular among companies that require an intelligent solution to monitoring brand exposure. The current regulatory climate also makes this an essential consideration for avoiding potential fines due to misleading advertising or inappropriate use of a brand by affiliates.

Speaking of the group’s decision to select Wag.io for the role of assisted affiliate compliance management, the Global Head of Compliance of White Hat Gaming, Andrew Towills, said: “In the current regulatory climate, it is refreshing to find an intelligent solution which is dedicated to being adaptable and solution-focused in relation to affiliate compliance”.

If you’re interested in having a discussion about safeguarding your brand with this proactive monitoring solution, please contact Richard Wanigasekera, on [email protected]

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