Voucher codes and incentive/loyalty sites – should iGaming operators work with them and how they can benefit your program

Incentive sites and voucher codes can be a great way to drive traffic to casinos and other sites. There are so many different programs out there that can make use of codes. Is it something that you should consider for your program, and is it beneficial to you and the brands you are working with?

How do voucher codes work?

Voucher codes allow someone to claim something at checkout. Retail sites use voucher codes to offer free shipping or discounts to customers, and we’ve all probably used one to grab something before.

For iGaming sites, these codes are usually used for players to claim free spins or a match bonus. Such codes are also usually for new players, and can be used as an alternative to the standard welcome offer available at the site.

Many iGaming operators have a specific game that they wish to use for their own free spins deals. Offering free spin codes to affiliates allows them to create deals for some of their other popular games, thus increasing the likelihood that there could be a sign-up to the site. Every player has their own preference when it comes to games, and they might prefer one over another. Having access to these codes allows a player to pick and choose something that suits them.

What benefits could they have for you?

Voucher codes and incentive links are a great way for you to track your campaigns and see what is most effective. There is always going to be a link that is used more than your other ones. Is it out in front significantly or just by a little bit? What is it about this link that people like? Is it for the product on offer, or the site on the other side?

Being able to measure your traffic in this way is incredibly important. It can give you lots of data that can help you to shape your campaigns overall. You might be targeting the wrong niche, or skipping over an area that could actually be incredibly valuable to you that is worth investing in.

Being able to determine which of your links are the most successful is something that all affiliate marketers and managers need to be able to do with ease. You have to be able to identify the areas of your program that are the strongest – and the ones that need a little more work.

Should I use voucher codes and incentive sites?

Affiliate managers and iGaming operators should be able to get some great use out of the right voucher codes when used correctly. These need to be monitored closely so you are able to determine which ones are of the most benefit to your brand.

If a code is being underused or ignored by your audience, don’t be afraid to cut it from your program. Using deals such as these allows you to offer a variation in products to your audience – something that they will always appreciate!

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