Tips for creating great World Cup video content

We know that customers using search engines and social media platforms all want to see more video content. With the World Cup approaching, we’re share idea’s about how you can implement a video strategy that will help bring you some better results.

Using official footage

If you want to use official footage from the football events or from historical matches, then you will need to check the royalty restrictions that may apply to it. With some footage, there are no restrictions, but to use others you may have to get in touch with the licensor to ask for permissions first. 

This can be time consuming and there is a chance that they won’t get back to you at all. Have a contingency plan in place for this, as you don’t want to be left without usable video content when planning your initial content strategy. 

You can use pictures of players, animations and other video content without infringing on anyone’s copyright. This is a good way to think outside the box and create relevant video, without any potential copyright issues. Using tools like Canva and Flyr which is an app that allows you to create video content using images can be a good way to create animated video quickly.

Use Tools for quick video creation

Video creation doesn’t have to be a laborious or time consuming process, as you can use free apps to make simple videos that will still enhance your reach. Many of these allow you to edit, splice and overlay videos on the go. Some are cloud based services, which allow you to access the software without downloading a lot of different tools. 

If you have footage ready to go, then Splice is a great app to join it together and enhance it with a soundtrack. With phones able to take up to 4K video these days, this app will allow you to immediately create a cohesive video. For your social strategy, you could use this to create quick competitions using footage that you have permission for. 

Adobe have also released a free mobile version of their Premiere software. They give users this for free in order to convince them to use the full suite when they’re on their desktop. The app itself is pretty robust and powerful, allowing you to create videos quickly and effectively. You can also speed up video and share it directly to your social channels too. 

Creating a winning video strategy

Simply creating video content won’t be enough to rake in the new views or create engagement within your social and other acquisition channels. You have to be creating engaging video that your users want to see. Remember that you should use your brand tone of voice within video content, if you want to create a cohesive brand identity. 

Within this video content, it’s a good idea to be fun and friendly, as this is the kind of content that users will be more likely to share. Interesting facts and figures always go down well on social media too, as we all like to be surprised by a new facts. 

Reacting to trends quickly is a key to getting your video seen and in the feeds of new users. However, you must act fast when it comes to the creation of your videos if you want to interact with these trends. Even when you’re creating video content to a harsh deadline like this, make sure it’s top quality. 

Promotional videos and competitions always go down well on social media. Shareable content and incentives will naturally bring you in a much higher reach. Be aware that many brands will be attempting to do the same thing with their video content, so you have to think of strategies that will allow you to stand out. 

Video content will always be valued by users and by the services that they use. Try out a new video strategy and you will be able to reach a brand new audience. This kind of ingenuity will allow you to beat out your competition, making the most out of this sporting event. 

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