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UK Gambling Commission fines In Touch Games £6.1 million for AML failings

The UK Gambling Commission has issued a fine to iGaming operator In Touch Games in response to a number of anti-money laundering and social responsibility failures. The total comes to £6.1m (€6.9m/$7.5m) following a failed compliance assessment in March of last year.

Social responsibility failures in the company were identified by the assessment, including In Touch Games taking seven weeks to reach out to a play who had been flagged for extended play times and erratic play patterns. In Touch Games also accepted the word of another customer when told that they earned £6,000 a month without verification once the player was flagged for playing at unsociable hours.

Anti-money laundering failures included inadequate consideration of risk to the customer if they are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a politically exposed person or linked to a politically exposed person, or being linked to high-risk jurisdictions.

In Touch Gaming operates 11 websites in the UK, including,, and

The Commission’s executive director of operations Kay Roberts said: “Considering this operator’s history of failings, we expected to see significant improvement when we carried out our planned compliance assessment. Disappointingly, although many improvements had been made, there was still more to do.”

“This £6.1m fine shows that we will take escalating enforcement action where failures are repeated, and all licensees should be acutely aware of this.”

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