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Twitter Spaces – What is it and how can affiliate managers make use of it?

New social media platforms are constantly emerging, and it is vital that affiliate managers monitor the launch of each one to see if they could prove to be beneficial to their audiences. One of the latest is Twitter’s Spaces – not a wholly new platform but still an extension of one of the biggest. Let’s take a closer look at whether this platform would be beneficial to affiliate managers.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter has been expanding their platform to include new features in the past few months. First came Fleets, a way of sharing short, time-sensitive pieces of content similar to Instagram Stories, and now we have Spaces.

Spaces has been described by Twitter as a “place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter, your Twitter community”.

Users can gather for an audio conversation on a range of different topics. The conversation is visible to the public while it is on-going, but will vanish when it ends. However, this does not mean that it will be gone forever. Twitter will keep copies of the audio for up to 30 days to ensure that no violation of the Twitter Community Guidelines has taken place. Those who took part in the conversation will also be able to download a copy of the transcript in this time.

Other platforms

This is not the only audio-based platform to emerge in recent months. Clubhouse is a fast-growing platform based around conversations and the discussion of ideas.

It is clear that this is where the next big innovation in social media lies. Text has served us well until this point, but it is clear that it has its limitations. Discussions over text are much more stilted than those that can take place via speech, and so Clubhouse and Spaces are two of the apps looking to provide a place where free and open debate and discussion can take place.

How affiliate managers can use Twitter Spaces

A platform like Twitter Spaces is great for affiliate managers as it gives them a space in which they can interact with customers directly. It has several purposes – you could use it primarily as part of an onboarding process for new affiliates. It also has great potential to set up support groups for affiliates under your program so they can work together.

However, it also offers a great space for passing on expertise in the form of a webinar or masterclass. When combined with the power of an active Twitter feed, Spaces could prove to be a vital tool in building and maintaining a healthy affiliate program.

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse both provide the chance for affiliate managers to interact with their followers in a new way. Those who always wish to explore new boundaries and find fresh ways to engage with their audiences should check what is on offer from them here. With audio-based platforms on the rise, affiliate managers should find the right space for them to use.

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