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Twitter Blue to return on 29 November

The constant drama from Musk’s controversial Twitter takeover looks set to rumble on.

The billionaire made headlines when he purchased the social media platform for $44 billion last month and has since sent shockwaves through the tech world by firing huge portions of the staff and threatening to reinstate incendiary figures like Donald Trump.

His plan to reimagine Twitter’s verification process, by allowing anyone to obtain a verification checkmark through an $8 monthly subscription, has perhaps been his most contentious move yet.

The feature rolled out earlier this month and was met with widespread criticism. In what appeared to be a response to the backlash and the marked increase in trolling and abuse of the system, the feature was quickly pulled in a move that no doubt left Musk rather red-faced.

However, Musk confirmed yesterday that the feature will be once again available to users, with a planned relaunch on 29 November. He didn’t detail any updates or improvements to the subscription service, which has left many industry experts and commentators concerned that the exact same problems are going to arise again.

Users who already paid for the service in the initial rollout phase discovered that their checkmarks had disappeared only days later.

The turmoil surrounding the feature would appear to reflect the overall chaos of Musk’s ill-fated takeover of Twitter.

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