Top tips for better Instagram engagement

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Instagram can be an underutilised tool to get your portal noticed.  This social media channel is continually evolving and launching new features which will present you with new opportunities as an affiliate if used correctly. 
We’ve put together some top tips for getting your Instagram audience engaged.

Focusing on user-generated content

User-generated content converts well across any marketing platform.  The reason for this is that it builds up the trust for any prospective visitors to your site.  You can include things like reviews of your website, betting tips etc. – and this shows you are a well-trusted brand.  Research shows that user-generated content on Instagram gets a 4.5% user conversion rate than posts that don’t.  This alone will give you an indication as to how valuable this kind of content is.  Get started by creating your own hashtag, and make sure it’s visible on your posts and other social media channels.

Take on board influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has never been as important than it is now on Instagram.  Smart marketers are choosing to work with influencers of all sizes who have 1000’s of followers to get their brand noticed out there.  Consumers are much more likely to take notice of recommendations from another person than a brand.  If you want to reach a more targeted audience – do some research on key industry figures in terms of engagement and get in touch with some nano influencers.

Customise your nametag

This is one of the latest features brought to you by Instagram.  No longer do you need to spell out your Instagram handle to potential followers, all you need them to do now is scan your nametag. You can either show them this on a device or send it to them – and they will be taken straight to your profile to start following your posts. The great thing about nametags is that these can be personalised not only to be brand specific – but you can customise them, so they focus on holidays or events.

Target lots of niches

Marketers are now pushing out a much larger volume of content than they were ever before, which means it’s far more competitive than ever.  When everyone is vying for the attention of the same audience – then you really need to drill down on your niche and focus on your segment.  You don’t need to target everyone within your specific interest group; you can hone in on smaller segments and personalise that content to them.

Use Instagram stories to your advantage

People seem to love Instagram stories, and it’s something that affiliates are now beginning to integrate into their social media and content strategies as well.  In order to maintain a competitive advantage, you should plan ahead and create innovative story videos.  this doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a number of tools out there that can help create fun interactive videos in a matter of seconds such as the one we used recently. Originally the videos had to be just 15 seconds long; however, Instagram will now break up videos that are longer than that – allowing you to be a bit more creative.  
You should now be ready to kick off your Instagram campaigns and get your affiliate story out there.  If you would like to learn more social media hacks, then our next Affiverse Bootcamp will allow you to pick the brains of some digital marketing experts.  

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