Tom Galanis – First Look Games: Filling “a void in the igaming space”

Affiverse caught up with Tom Galanis, Founder of First Look Games, to find out more about the firm aiming to provide a link between developers and affiliates.

Affiverse: Hi Tom! Firstly, can you introduce First Look Games as a platform and describe what it brings to the market?

Tom Galanis: There’s always been a void in the igaming space when it comes to collecting correct source material from game developers from a publisher’s perspective.

Recently, some game developers have recognised that taking a proactive approach and supplying game information can only be a positive thing but even so, the publisher/affiliate still has hours of work logging in to multiple software platforms and then attempting to collate the information they need in order to review a particular game.

We recognised that building a customised sharing platform which would firstly, allow every software provider to upload information about every game they licence to their casino clients which could then be downloaded by the affiliate/publisher would fill the void and provide a centralised hub for game developers to pass correct, compliant information direct to igaming affiliate/publisher. allows igaming affiliates/publishers to download all manner of marketing assets and game information which then allows each affiliate/publisher the necessary information to build authoritative, helpful and precise game reviews which target perspective players. Additionally, Slot Developers have the peace of mind knowing that information on each of their games is readily available through

AI: How happy are you to be working with Rightlander?

TG: Rightlander is an awesome tool that’s really helpful and serves an ever-important purpose not matter where you sit in the gaming space. Utilising Rightlander allows both publishers and advertiser to make sure all offers offered to potential and existing customers are correct and up to date.

Rightlander is a natural extension of Working with Rightlander allows us to check published reviews built using marketing assets downloaded from the First Look Games library.  

AI: Can you describe the Game Library function in greater detail?

TG: From an affiliate/publisher’s perspective the games library is quite similar to the many Backoffice’s affiliates/publisher’s login too on a daily basis but rather than viewing reporting or collecting marketing material for an advertiser, an affiliate/publisher would see branded folders. Each branded folder would constitute a game developer, which once clicked on, shows a sub folder for each game. Clicking on the game would then show all the downloadable marketing assets organised into the following folders:

Demo Games: Demo games allow publishers to add an interactive ‘free play’ game when building out their review of a particular slot.

Game Sheets: The Game sheets provide the bare bones of the publisher’s master copy when creating their game review. Such as:

  • Number of Pay Lines
  • Number of Reels
  • RTP
  • Variance
  • Number of Symbols for Feature/Retrigger Available
  • No. of Free Spins Awarded (Minimum)
  • Stacked Wilds (Normal/Feature)
  • Expanding Wilds (Normal/Feature)
  • No. of Jackpot Tiers
  • Autoplay Function

Image Library: Pretty much self-explanatory, but hugely important especially when it comes to themed games. Using visual assets to compliment a slot review can put the publisher in hot water if the images used aren’t approved by the slots developer. All visual assets uploaded to are uploaded by the game developer so each image is 100% compliant and safe to use.

Video Library: The video library carries short videos of particular segments of gameplay such as regular gameplay and bonus rounds. Using videos allows the publisher to showcase the many features the game being reviewed has.

From a Game Developers perspective. Once registered and approved, we create a branded folder and give access to the slot developer who then simply logs into, selects “New Game” and starts uploading marketing assets representing each game in their games portfolio.

AI: Looking to the future, what kind of goals and targets have been set for First Look Games, both short-term and long-term?

TG: Our goal is simple, and that’s to provide a service that’s both helpful and one which serves a purpose to both games developer and publishers alike. I believe that has a vital role to play in ensuring every publisher has a central point to collect correct game information to then build informative reviews.

Our ongoing focus is continued platform development. Listening to all feedback and implementing improvements to our platform, its functionality and overall use for both affiliates/publishers and slot developers.  

The end goal is quite clear – prospective customers being exposed to detailed, precise and helpful game information which in turn will only increase the quality of click throughs to game developer licensees.

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