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TikTok releases marketing report on their effect on offline sales

TikTok has published a new marketing report that details the app and its advertisements’ effect on offline sales. 

Can TikTok influence sales? 

If marketers needed more proof of the marketing effect of TikTok, the app’s developers have delivered. The social media app is already credited with making a lot of modern songs “go viral” and either enter, or re-enter the charts, but TikTok has now released a report to prove that its influence goes further than the music industry. 

The report uses marketing mix modeling analysis in collaboration with digital marketing analysis company, Neilsen to show what effect TikTok campaigns can achieve and reported a lift in offline sales.  

What does the report say? 

 The report released by TikTok showed TikTok ads driving solid ROI for consumer packaged good brands, plus a quicker response from consumers to return on brands campaigns.

“The US, for example, saw a 14% higher-paid media ROAS versus all digital media measured in the models and 2X the offline sales efficiency, while the numbers for Europe and Southeast Asia were even higher.”

Namely, the numbers for the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain saw a 64% rise in media ROAS average and a 2.8x sales efficiency average, and a 63% rise in ROAS and 5.2x increase in sale efficiency in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

What does this mean?

The report demonstrates the power of social media marketing, specifically the shifting power of social media platforms. Not only do Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter deliver results, but so do lesser-used apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

For more information, read the full report here.

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