TikTok relaunches its Q&A feature with more options

TikTok has relaunched its Q&A feature, which was initially launched earlier this year, with more options than ever before.

A new and improved version   

If you are an avid TikTok user, you may have noticed that its Q&A feature mysteriously disappeared from the platform a number of months ago. It has, however, returned with more options than ever before including the opportunity to invite fellow content creators to answer your questions on your behalf.

It comes as users can choose whether to make Q&As visible on their profile and choose who can invite them to answer questions. In addition, users can also restrict questions to their followers, friends that follow them back, or nobody. If you disable the feature completely, it won’t be visible on your profile for fellow users to see or engage with.

A renewed focus on community

TikTok’s Q&A feature was originally launched in March this year when the platform was experiencing rapid growth and development. It allows users to ask content creators questions and has been compared to Instagram’s Question Box.

As well as relaunching its popular Q&A feature, the short-form video-sharing app is also reportedly in the process of developing another question-related feature that will establish an open community for asking questions on the platform.

It is also set to allow users to tag fellow TikTokers in videos, much to the delight of millions of the app’s customers around the globe who have been calling for this change to be implemented for a number of months now.

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