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TikTok is testing landscape full screen display for short-form video content

TikTok appears to be correcting the one thing that YouTube and Twitch have over it: a fully immersive experience. How are they doing that? With landscape, horizontal, full screen experiences. Short-form video content will soon mean that you can see more on a landscape screen.

Leaked in a Tweet by Matt Navarra, the footage shows a TikTok video and how it will adapt when you tilt your screen. There is also a “full screen” button that will, well, turn the screen to the full screen option.

This could be particularly interesting as short-form video content keeps expanding. We’re now into a 10-minute-long limit which can get draining when you are looking at a vertical screen. Perhaps it will lead to TikTok sitting alongside YouTube, Twitch and other streaming services as an app on your TV screen either via smart TV or console access. Or a full screen laptop experience, where an increasing amount of people are getting their entertainment. What do they all have in common? Landscape screens.

Social Media Today said in its explanation of the concept: “It’s clear that TikTok’s looking to diversify its offering, as it seeks to maximize its opportunities – which also means that it’s going to join the platform replication push, in an effort to keep its users from drifting off to other apps instead.”

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