The power of hashtags

Twitter is one of the busiest and reactionary platforms on the internet. If you want to get your brand noticed on this platform, then you have to be able to stand out from the crowd. One way to reach into your new audience is to use hashtags, but how do you do so effectively? We’ve been running some tests on our own accounts and here are some of the results we can share

Understanding the power of hashtags

You might have experimented with adding in a #FridayFeeling or #MondayMotivation into your brand’s Twitter feed, but there’s so much more to experiment with. Using hashtags increases post engagement by up to 1035%, so they are incredibly powerful. 

Twitter doesn’t weight their statuses, except in the case of ads. This means that if you’re the latest to tweet a hashtag, someone browsing this tag will see your status. This is where the real power of this lightning fast platform comes in. This has the potential to create a ripple effect of your brand around the world, with a wave of retweets boosting your presence. 

Standard hashtags like #FollowFriday can be dependable ways to boost your follower numbers. However, using the same stagnant hashtags won’t bring you in new users. Think about what you want to achieve and then research the hashtags you need to get those results. 

Brand voice on Twitter

We know from some of the top performing betting brands on Twitter that people want to interact with a brand that they know. Tongue in cheek, witty humour helps to catapult a brand into the feeds of millions. Paddy Power and LadBible really have this down almost to a fine art, as they take trends and put their own spin on the news. 

This is very on brand for this company and it’s something that their consumers really respond to. To gain a similar reach in a paid fashion would cost a massive marketing budget, so they’ve decided to work smarter. 

It’s up to you whether you want to create a community around comedy, gossip or motivation. Users love these kinds of brands on Twitter, so you’ll quickly grow your audience there. 

Defining your users 

While your numbers on engagement and followers might be going up, are these the right users? You can create a massive organic campaign with irrelevant clickbait and most likely grow this channel. However, these aren’t users that will ever convert with you and won’t offer you a return on your investment. 

Make no mistake, organic posting in hashtags on Twitter will still take up your resources so there is an investment there. It may not be as obliquely monetary as paid ads, but you should still be assessing the return that you’re getting at all times. Twitter has an inbuilt analytics platform, which you can use to view metrics for each and every tweet.

When your tweet leads to engagement and conversions on your site, you know you’ve struck gold. This is the basis for a successful campaign, if you can build on this and bring yourself further success. 

Growing hashtags on Twitter

Tech based trends are some of the fastest growing hashtags on Twitter and niche affiliates can get in on these. With hashtags like #crypto and #cryptocurrency gathering up huge amounts of steam, well placed cryptocurrency casino tweets can bring you into this growing community. 

Hashtags like #augmentedreality are also growing at an increased pace. Creating relevant offers with this in mind will naturally bring you in results. Just like keyword stuffing, you want to avoid creating meaningless tweets with nothing but irrelevant hashtags in there. Grow your community and find your tribe to make your affiliate brand known on Twitter. 

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