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Svenska Spel funds grassroots sports organizations

Swedish state-owned gambling operator Svenska Spel has confirmed that it has distributed SEK35m ($3.4m) to grassroots sports organizations in the nation as part of its “Gräsroten” scheme.

The money was divided among 8,567 organizations across 35 different sports, including football, handball, and ice hockey.

Money was also provided to support less popular sports and physical activities, including cheerleading, cricket, and skateboarding.

The Gräsroten initiative was launched 10 years ago and has so far funded sports organizations with more than SEK500m. The scheme is designed to promote sports in Sweden and encourage young people to take part.

The operator surveyed sports organizations back in the summer to assess how the funding was being used. Of those surveyed, four in ten said the funds were vital for getting young people involved, with 62% reporting that the money helped them purchase additional equipment.

“For my part, I feel that Gräsroten is more than just a sponsorship initiative. It’s so much bigger. I dare to say that during these ten years we and our customers have made it possible for more children and young people to play sports in playful ways and meet new friends.

“Gräsroten is thus an important addition to the association’s coffers and, by extension, contributes to a better society, because children and young people should have the opportunity to move and have fun together regardless of where in the country they live,” said Svenska Spel President and Chief Executive Patrick Hoffbauer.

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