Affiliate Spotlight: HotBettingSites Head of PPC Nir Geyari

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This week we chat with Nir Geyari, Head of PPC at HotBettingSiteswho introduces us to the company and advises on what makes a good sportsbook affiliate.
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing HotBettingSites as a company and explain what the site brings to the affiliate space?
Nir Geyari: HotBettingSites is one of the biggest sports betting comparison sites in the UK. We’re a marketing company that specialises in comparison sites within the online gambling arena. Most of the traffic we get in the website is paid traffic, meaning we focus on customising their experience based on their search queries or their interests.
AI: There are a number of sports betting affiliate sites out there. What makes HotBettingSites stand out from its competitors?
NG: The way we stand out is bringing actual value to the user by continuously scouring the web for new betting sites and finding the best bonuses, sometimes going as far as securing exclusive promotions with the brands themselves.
AI: HotBettingSites includes an extensive list of sports betting site reviews. From your experience of reviewing and comparing, what makes a high-quality sports betting site?
NG: In order to determine if a sports betting site’s quality, there are a few criteria:

  1. How many depositing methods do they have? Can the user use PayPal?
  2. Is the mobile experience smooth?
  3. Are their odds good?
  4. Is InPlay betting available?
  5. Do they often run new promotions?
  6. Is their welcome bonus attractive??

If the answers for all of these questions are yes, then there’s a high probability you’ll see it on HotBettingSites. We rank them by how much they offer the user, their reliability and trust rating.
AI: Which markets generate the most traffic for HotBettingSites?
NG: England, Northern Ireland and Wales are our primary traffic sources.
AI: As we move into 2019, what are your projections for the next twelve months for HotBettingSites?
NG: In 2018 the UK gambling commission added extra regulations and restrictions on content within affiliate websites. We believe that 2019 will introduce more restrictions which will help steer the users toward a more fun-focused gambling experience rather than an addictive one.
Our goal for this year is to make the sports betting experience enjoyable, safe and transparent while maintaining a balanced and fair comparison between brands while keeping our users well informed.
We at HotBettingSites are always trying to improve and find new ways to bring more value to the user when choosing where to place a bet. Since launching HotBettingSites in 2017 it’s been a fun journey since and we hope to keep bringing quality products and new features to our site. Bring it on 2019!!!

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