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Routy: Helping iGaming affiliates to gain more control over their tracking

iGaming affiliate marketing has been around for a while and continues to grow exponentially. 

One challenge in this specific niche is that many affiliates aren’t necessarily aligned with those in other fields. Because of this, many aren’t fully aware of what their traffic is worth and miss possible revenue opportunities as a result. 

But that won’t be the case for long, because a new tool is soon to enter the affiliate marketing fray. And it goes by the title of Routy. 

Here’s how this solution can help to enhance your affiliate marketing results, both in and outside of iGaming. 

Why is Routy beneficial for iGaming affiliates? 

Affiliate networks haven’t been adopted by much of the iGaming industry, which has led to problems. It means that rather than having two or three different networks, an account with 30 affiliate programs (or more) is necessary for many. It’s needless to say that this complicates not just actually taking a more in-depth look at your statistics, but also makes collaborating all of your data time-consuming. 

Routy is basic on the face of things, but focuses on its specialty areas well. For each individual click, a unique identifier is generated. Thanks to this, affiliates gain complete transparency over where that click originated and what the user might be worth. The platform enables affiliates to have a complete overview of their campaigns through one single interface. Thus, more time and space in the brain are both freed up to focus on other things. 

Another benefit of Routy is that affiliates don’t need to deal with traffic configuration – since the platform makes the entire data collection process as seamless as possible. Tying in with the above, it again saves time and confusion for users of the service. 

Other practicalities 

One result of the recent pandemic is that many affiliates have sought to pivot and ensure that their business is future-proof. This plays not just into looking at other iGaming verticals, but opportunities further afield as well. Routy provides cross-industry capabilities because the platform is compatible with all affiliate marketing niches, meaning that affiliates will be able to still use software that they are familiar with. 

Of course, a key area to look at when picking a new platform to work with is security. And again, this is an area which has been considered by Routy. Affiliate account credentials are not stored on the company’s servers; instead, they’re kept in the affiliate’s local machine. This means that you’re better-protected in the case of  a security breach. 

Routy is an independent software, developed by ex-affiliate marketers, as well as other innovative experts. The team has been there and done it in terms of this niche before and as such, they know how to get the pay-per-click results that you’re looking for.

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