RISQ integrates innovative Thunderbite marketing tool into iGiP

Igaming insurance platform RISQ has partnered with Thunderbite, the in-app player engagement solution aimed at boosting retention and cross-selling.

Thunderbite’s marketing tool attempts to increase player engagement and maximise returns across all channels. Personalised messaging and in-app rewards based on micro-segmentation help to extend playing time as well as increasing frequency of visits. Surfing on the existing momentum of play, Thunderbite successfully encourages players to extend their visit on the platform by presenting additional games to play.

RISQ’s iGaming insurance Platform (iGiP) offers operators and platform-providers access to some of the biggest non-networked jackpot payouts in the industry. Customisable jackpot size can be used to create winning anticipation among targeted segments of the database.

The combination of RISQ’s audience pulling jackpots and Thunderbite’s engagement initiatives will allow operators to turn jackpot incentives into additional games like memory games, code breakers and scratch cards. These initiatives are a double hook which keeps players engaged creating higher levels of ROI and monetization.

Julian Borg-Barthet, Director of Business Development at RISQ, said: “RISQ’s integration with Thunderbite takes the industry to new levels of player incentives and engagement. By extending the player’s life cycle, this strong integrated suite of tools maximises in-play spend.

“Regulation and affiliate costs have driven acquisition cost through the roof, RISQ’s and Thunderbite’s integration helps operators to maximise ROI with existing players as well as keeping acquisition costs down.”

John Smith, Thunderbite Sales Director & Co-Founder, added: “I am thrilled about the collaboration with RISQ. At Thunderbite we pride ourselves on having the best player engagement solution.

“After having spoken to RISQ, it was a no-brainer to integrate our solutions to a best in breed platform. We look forward to combining our audience engagement suite of tools with powerful marketing activities powered by RISQ’s jackpot-based insurance platform.”

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