Racing Stars

Racing Stars launches with a focus on responsible gambling

Racing Stars, a horse racing operator in the United Kingdom, has officially launched its website, which offers a new take on responsible gambling.

The launch of Racing Stars follows on from the company receiving its licence from the Gambling Commission. It was founded by Danny Williams, Nathan Thompson, and Steven Evans, who all share a common goal. To reduce problem gambling.

The Racing Stars MVP only permits customers to stake one small bet per day. The operator describes this as “putting entertainment ahead of large stakes.”

Prioritizing safety and enjoyment above profit-making

Williams, Evans, and Thompson have all seen the damage problem gambling has done to individuals and their families – robbing people of their livelihoods, prized belongings, and even their homes in the worst-case scenarios.

But the founders also recognise all the entertainment value that horse racing can bring. As such, they established Racing Stars as a solution to this problem. Thompson has since called the site “the first-ever fantasy league horse betting platform based on real races and real prizes.”

The platform will use a unique scoring system that converts starting odds into additional points – which means the higher the odds, the more points the user can score. Even those who are not high rollers can still enjoy wagering, though. The low maximum bet amount makes Racing Stars accessible to everyone, no matter how large or small their bankroll, and helps to even the playing field.

Making sports betting more accessible and entertaining

“Right now, this is just starting out,” said a representative of Racing Stars. “However, the future looks very exciting. The platform is innovative, unique and has been very cleverly designed. This means that not only can Racing Stars launch multiple race days, but it also leaves it open to the chance of crossing over into other sports such as Formula 1 and greyhound racing.”

iGaming affiliates should consider taking this new approach to responsible gambling themselves. In doing so, they could make sports betting safer, more accessible, and entertaining for everyone.

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