Quality content the key for younger affiliates

InsiderSport editor Joe Streeter sat in on the affiliate CEO panel, moderated by Affiverse’s own Lee-Ann Johnstone, at the SBC Betting on Football conference earlier this week. Below are his takeaways.
Finding the correct approach and the most beneficial content strategy remain two key challenges for igaming affiliates.
Many seek to benefit from a higher volume of content, yet as the affiliate market becomes increasingly competitive and regulations become heightened, its appears a ‘less is more’ approach may pay dividends in the future.
Discussing what it takes to create a sustainable affiliate model, Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard emphasised that for lesser established affiliates, focusing on quality content can be a key for growth.
Søgaard referred back to the opportunity presented by this month’s Cheltenham Festival, outlining that if smaller affiliates place focus solely on this event, with high-quality content they can reap the rewards for the whole year.
He added: “Smaller affiliates should focus on high quality content, rather than a high volume of articles.”
Marcos Oliveira, Head of Business Development at Clever Advertising, went on to map out his thoughts on the obstacles that affiliates encounter when trying to maximise the impact of their data.
He explained: “Content remains a long battle. When you invest in content your first year is inevitably difficult. In spite of this, I’m sure that in the long term content works when it comes to bringing in revenue and customers. For young affiliates, patience is crucial if they want to see the benefits of quality content.”

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