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New 2022 World Cup features coming to Snapchat

Between the fact that it’s getting held during the holidays, the human rights concerns, and the expense of getting to Qatar, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of fanfare around the 2022 World Cup. One platform disagrees. While TikTok and Pinterest focus on Christmas marketing guides, Snapchat is trying to induce some national pride as the games kick off in November.

According to a statement on the Snap.com website: “Snapchat is transforming how football fans and Snapchatters around the world experience, celebrate and watch the FIFA 2022 World Cup through incredible game highlights and immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.”

Anmol Malhotra, Director of Sports Partnerships at Snap Inc. said: “We’re thrilled to cover the biggest global sporting event of the year across all of Snapchat – with dedicated custom AR experiences and comprehensive content coverage that will include localized highlights from every game in over 30 countries. We can’t wait to deliver Snapchatters the ultimate fan experience around the World Cup and see the creativity of our community on full display.”

As seen in the demonstration on the site, the features include AR experiences that will paint your face with your country’s (or team’s) flag, and allow you to try on a range of kits to get into the spirit of things.

It would be a good chance for marketers to get into the spirit of things allowing a second major avenue to drive sales over the next few months.

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