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LGBTQ+ owned businesses given boost with tools by Meta

It’s Pride Month, and brands are all getting into the spirit of things. Some of these might be as simple as adding rainbows to their logo and branding, and some have gone the extra step by providing tools to help LGBTQ+ businesses, as LinkedIn would want.

One of these is Meta, which is doing its part to celebrate Pride Month by releasing a range of tools and a mini-site that are designed to promote LGBTQ+-owned small businesses. The site was created in partnership with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, or NGLCC, and aims to provide support, create case studies, promote events, and more.

What tools are available?

Well, Facebook is doing what it does best and collecting data. The mini-site features lots of reports and case studies based on data from the site and talking to a lot of LGBTQ+ business owners.

One of the most impressive tools available is the LGBTQ+ Cultural Guide, which is a 29-page guide designed to “educate and inspire authentic ways to support the LGBTQ+ community on our platforms and beyond”.

What is Meta saying?

As explained by Meta, “While 80% of businesses impacted by the pandemic expect to make a full recovery this year, it will be harder for the LBGTQ+ community as they face more barriers and points of discrimination when accessing capital, community building, and future planning due to intersectionality.”

You can find this mini-site at

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