Instagram tests feature for rearranging order of grid posts  

Instagram has revealed it is testing a feature that would allow users to rearrange the order of posts on display on their profile.

A truly personalised user experience

If you have ever wished you could rearrange the order of posts on display on your profile, your prayers may have just been answered with Instagram revealing it is testing a feature that would allow you to do just that.

It would enable users to rearrange their personally curated image gallery in any order of their choice regardless of when each image was posted for a truly personalised user experience.

In addition, Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, also recently hinted at a pinned post feature that would give users the opportunity to showcase a specific post at the top of their grid from time to time as well as a feature that would see the chronological feed reintroduced.

A year for change

It comes as the popular image-sharing app continues to make changes to the way in which it operates having already promised a series of updates and developments for the year ahead.

It may have undergone relatively minor changes since its inception in 2009 but within the past year alone, it has experimented with both feed and profile options in more ways than ever before with a particular focus on short-form videos as opposed to images suggesting which direction the app may be heading in the near future.

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