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Instagram announce new augmented reality advertising tools

Instagram is pushing more advertising tools to create more opportunities for brands and affiliates to market to their audience. These new high tech approaches include augmented reality, ads included in the explore page, and music optimisation.

The most impressive of these is surely the augmented reality option, which would see ads feature Spark AR platform-created ads appearing in the sponsored posts and the camera of your real world appearing. You can place an item in your home to test it out, try on an outfit virtually, or test drive a car via the app.

No doubt an add-on from the Metaverse, Meta has said: “By giving businesses tools to create more personalized and immersive experiences today we’ll help them drive performance and prepare for the metaverse.”

Meanwhile, if you’re browsing looking for something to buy, the posts you’re looking at will prompt you with similar items that might interest you.

As explained by Instagram: “Multi-advertiser ads allow businesses to be discovered by people who are in a shopping mindset and have recently engaged with relevant business content in feed. When a person expresses commercial intent by engaging with an ad, we deliver more ads from other businesses that may be of interest, powered by machine learning. Through a large-scale back-end study, we observed that adding multi-advertiser ads to ad campaigns drove improved efficiency in incremental conversions per dollar spent.”

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