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How to get the best out of our virtual summit + register for your ticket

The Affiverse ELEVATE Summit is landing in June and we can’t wait!

Join us for two jam-packed days as our global experts discuss all things affiliate marketing. No matter what your own speciality is, come hear from the best of the best because, whatever you’re wanting to ELEVATE in 2022 – your campaign impact or your conversion rates, your program growth or your partner performance – THIS is the one summit that can deliver all that and much, much more…

And to ensure you get the most out of your time with us, follow these top tips:

Step out of your comfort zone and NETWORK

A big event like the Affiverse ELEVATE Summit will gather together so many people from across the industry. This is a prime time for you to NETWORK and forge those critical connections needed for success in this highly competitive environment.

Make sure your networking tab is ON and get ready to meet and chat with as many people as possible. Move around as many of the meeting rooms as possible to “hang out”, and make use to use all of the available networking events.

Visit our virtual expo

Our virtual expo is here to help you ELEVATE your program’s performance and growth. Make sure you take a moment to walk through and check out the booths and virtual exhibitors. Set up live meetings – chatting through our platform – and connect with the people that can help your program to go to the next level.

From new tools, platform providers, brands and more, there is plenty to explore here. This is where you can find many of the building blocks needed to improve partnerships and sales for your business.

Visit our virtual learning centre

We have packed our virtual learning centre with all the content you need to ELEVATE your performance. White papers, case studies, webinars and more – get the best out of your digital marketing with the support and expertise available here.

Replay the content

Remember that all of our content will be available for you to replay for a month after the event. Whether you want to catch up on a panel that you missed or revisit one that you found particularly insightful, you can easily do so.

Use the chat functions

The chat functions will be your best friends at this virtual summit! Obviously, you will use these when networking to connect with the other experts who have come to boost their affiliate marketing. Visit our themed networking rooms and enter into a group video chat about the subject of your choice.

There will also be a chat function in our sessions. Submit a question to the moderator and have a chance of the expert panellists answering and engaging directly with YOU.

And lastly, in the unlikely event that you have an issue with the platform, just hop on the help chat and our experts will have things sorted before you know it.

Register early

The earlier you can get registered for the Affiverse ELEVATE Summit, the better! Get a discount on your ticket price, download 2 free Masterclasses (available from 14 June), and follow along with every announcement and reveal as we get closer and closer to the Summit itself!

Share your attendance with #AFFILIATEINSIDERELEVATE

Once you are registered, hop on your social media and announce it using the hashtag #AFFILIATEINSIDERELEVATE

This is a great way to buzz up interest from your followers and potentially could even grab you a few networking invitations from fellow attendees before you even get there.

Get ready for the livestreams

Remember, all of the sessions at this virtual summit will be livestreamed. Our experts will provide key insights to an audience that stretches around the world – all live and from their own offices and homes. Don’t miss out on the key insights provided here, and contribute to the curated Q&A and other discussions.

The Affiverse ELEVATE Summit might seem like it is a long way off, but June will be here before you know it. This is THE place to learn what you need to do to stay relevant and successful in this ever-changing landscape. With the best experts in the industry and a host of tools and resources at your disposal, join us to take your affiliate marketing to the next level!

Register and buy your ticket for the ELEVATE Summit. We can’t wait to see you!

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