How To Amplify Your Partner Discovery

Welcome back to Episode 10 of Season 6 of the Affiverse’s Affiliate Marketing Podcast with Lee-Ann Johnstone… if you’re new to the podcast welcome and make sure that you are ready to amplify yourself! If you’ve been here before and tune in regularly – thanks for listening, we appreciate you. If you haven’t met Lee-Ann yet, you can link in with her on LinkedIn and find out more about her, their history and experience in affiliate marketing and if you feel brave and don’t just want to lurk – reach out and DM her there too.

It’s been a busy 3 or so years as we re-launched and navigated Affiverse forward through a winding road of changes from lockdowns to full-time remote working and all that comes with it, and We started the year with a bang and helped more than 1,500 people AMPLIFY their affiliate performance and GROW their programs since January. 

To help you AMPLIFY your partner discovery we have created two FREE resources for you and you can download these below:



Wow – can you believe we’ve already reached nearly the end of our first podcast season of 2022! This week’s episode is filled with some crucial value bombs, so make sure that you are listening! 

Listen to find out more about 

  • How to find affiliates?
  • What makes your company stand out compared to others in the market? 
  • Why networking is still crucial in this business 

[04:00] – Listen to hear how fierce the affiliate market is 

[06:30] – Lee-Ann discusses Affiliate models that you should be following

[11:00] – Lee-Ann discusses how crucial swipe files are to build your understanding (attached above) 

[15:00] – Hear how you should interact with your partners in order to amplify your growth together 

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Season 6 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast is here! We will be adding new episodes each week that will feature a range of guests sharing insights on SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Social Selling and so much more!    

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