How AI helps with automation for content marketing

Content marketing is a big investment for any business and it’s time consuming to create and distribute strategically. We are taking a look at how artificial intelligence (AI) could help streamline this process and improve your business output and email delivery in future.

Using AI effectively 

First off, it’s important to point out that AI won’t ever be able to create content from scratch in the near future. Examples of machine spun content are out there, but they’re immediately obvious to your reader and to the search engines too. This will detract from your users first experience with your brand and your site SEO, so it’s not suggested that you replace your content marketing strategy with AI, but rather look to use it to add to what you are generating currently instead. 

AI is a massively powerful tool to consider using within your affiliate business and with more brands turning to content marketing to bring in new traffic, anything you can use to get the edge on faster automation should be explored.

So how do you approach this within your affiliate business? 

There are a lot of great tools out there which can help you get started. Atomic Reach is a really helpful AI platform, which helps you to diversify your content and also find out what really works. This tool scores your content and suggests ways to improve it too. 

When it comes to distributing the content, AI is great for making sense of all the data to improve the distribution more effectively. AI is much better than humans at interpreting data or finding patterns so use it in the applications that it can excel in. AI tools can be used to assess different topics and elements of the content you have created in order to report what works best for your users. This understanding can then better inform your content strategy on a regular basis so that you are accurately optimising your campaigns. 

Personalising emails can also be the assigned work of AI technologies. There are tools that can automatically segment your recipients based on the emails they open and click through on. This is work that would take you a long time too filter through and manage manually, so don’t spend your time on things that could be automated. While you’ll still need to create the content and curate the offers, AI can make sure it’s getting to the right person with exactly the right message embedded. 

According to recent articles published on Forbes, it seems that personalised content is king now. This converts at a higher rate and is more likely to be opened in the case of email marketing. This doesn’t mean simply adding the recipient’s name, it means you’re anticipating a need before the user knows they need it. 

Alway opt for Quality over quantity

While your AI tools are busy at work with these tasks, you have to be busy with creating the content itself. If you’re struggling to keep up and output a lot, then the quality may begin to slip. If this happens, then you need to pull back and prioritise quality over quantity as this is what works – every time. Work with a company or a freelancer that fits in with your budget, but ensure that the quality of your content is always prioritised first. It’s a key ranking factor and well written content makes it easy for your user to convert. 

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