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Global regulators release joint World Cup statement

A joint statement from major countries’ regulators in the World Cup has been released, featuring signatures from France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain. The statement was released on the 18th of November ahead of the global football tournament kick-off on November 20th.

The World Cup statement asks operators to keep responsible gaming and player protection at the forefront of their ideals as the tournament progresses.

An excerpt of the statement says: “This weekend will see the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We recognise that this is one of the world’s largest and most high-profile tournaments and is therefore likely to see an increase in betting activity.”

“As regulators, we have a key role in ensuring that consumers are protected throughout the tournament.”

The statement was put together after representatives of the five national gambling regulators gathered in Paris, France on November 15.

It continued: “This meeting was an opportunity to address several topics, including the fight against illegal offers and the protection of players and advertising during the World Cup. On the latter topic, regulators agreed to commit to working together to closely monitor gambling operators’ compliance with advertising, betting integrity and consumer protection regulations during the World Cup.”

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