German gambling triples its numbers in advertising spend

Spend on gambling advertising in Germany has tripled in the last five years as figures have risen to around €400m, according to a new study.

Research Tools found that online casinos are the biggest spenders, and saw a €70m increase in expenditure in the last year alone. Sports betting accounts for just under 20% of the total volume, while lotteries account for around a quarter of spend.

The figures highlight a surge in gambling advertising despite online casino being outlawed in all states apart from Schleswig-Holstein.

Research Tools, which used data from media monitor AdVision, said the number of advertisers has increased massively within five years. A growth of 35 per cent means that there is now an average of 64 advertisers.

Most advertising comes from television, with online advertising and print media falling behind.

Figures from the period between June 2018 to May 2019 were compared to the four preceding years.

However, internet advertising has surpassed the 50 per cent mark for global ad spend, despite a worldwide trend showing a drop in overall ad spend growth from 4.7 to 4.6 per cent since March, according to Zenith.

Meanwhile, traditional advertising is expected to slump to its lowest points in two decades by 2021, while internet advertising is tipped to account for 52 per cent.

At this point the online advertising sector is expected to slow down to as much as nine per cent as the market becomes more mature and saturated, showing a significant frop from the 17 per cent rate recorded last year.

Zenith reports have also suggested that mobile internet usage has also sky-rocketed, hitting 800 hours per year, the equivalent of 33 days continuous consumption.

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