George Swift: AI Bootcamp delegates "can look forward to understanding the entrepreneurial journey of success"

We catch up with celebrated business coach George Swift (Bigger Brighter Bolder), who will host an exclusive ‘Elevate and Thrive’ Affiliate Business Coaching Workshop at March’s Affiverse Bootcamp, the first time such an initiative has ever been offered at an igaming affiliate event.
Affiverse: Tell us about your expert business coaching space. How would you explain what your workshop does for entrepreneurs and what sets you apart from other traditional business coaches?
George Swift: For twenty years, George has been working with individuals to overcome their own self-imposed limitations to achieve success. For nearly seven years George has been running Masterminds, group coaching and clubs for ambitious business owners, and has directly mentored over 400 five, six and seven figure businesses in personal performance and business success.
In 2018 he mentored 80 business owners to achieve 20,000 short and long-term goals with many businesses doubling, trebling and even quadrupling turnover. 
The workshop is built around the ‘hero’s journey’ – a powerful metaphor for the journey to business success. George will be looking at the trials and tribulations of running your business, the difficulties of going it alone, and the importance of tenacity, focus and consistent aligned action.
In this interactive three-hour workshop George will inspire you to create your own hero’s journey, getting clear on where you are heading, thinking much bigger, be bolder and stay on track to you create the business you really want.
George is completely different to a traditional coach. He is an expert in the mindset, attitude and behaviour aspects of creating success. Taking the right actions at the right time consistently is what creates business success. George is down to earth, authentic and brutally honest.
AI: What does 2019 hold for entrepreneurs and what do they need to have in mind to keep focused? What trends and insights can you share with our delegates ahead of the event that they should be focusing on to do more online?
GS: Without really understanding the industry George can’t predict what it’s going to mean but we know all markets are constantly evolving and changing and with it will come different opportunities and challenges. The smart business owner sees both and adapts accordingly.
AI: What can our delegates look forward to most about your workshop at #AIBootcamp2019?
GS: Delegates can look forward to understanding the entrepreneurial journey of success with all its challenges and opportunities and leave inspired and motivated to dig in and do what it takes.  
AI: What will delegates be able to do with the tools and tricks you share with them at #AIBootcamp2019? How will it impact their business growth?
Business owners will able to see exactly where they are in their own journey, make sense of their current challenges, be prepared for what’s to come, understand why the challenges arise and see what you can do about them.  
AI: Would you be able to give us a few highlights from your workshop for delegates to consider before they get to hear and see you at this event? 
GS: Before the workshop, delegates should consider the following:

  • What are they looking to achieve?
  • What’s their end game?
  • What are the challenges getting in the way?

For more information about this event, or to book your seat at this exclusive two-day digital accelerator for igaming affiliates, visit:
For information on how to participate as a vetted agency, supplier or operator sponsor, contact the sales team via [email protected]

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