FUFA investigation becomes the latest Ugandan sports betting issue

The Federation of Ugandan Football Association (FUFA) is investigating suspended referee Emmanuel Kiwewa after allegations suggested he accepted a bribe for a University Football League match.

This is the latest sports betting related issue in Uganda since president Yoweri Museveni announced in February of this year that permits will not be renewed to existing firms upon expiry and that no new licences can be issued for established sports betting, gaming, and gambling companies. 

This operator shut down was a big talking point at last month’s Betting on Sports conference in London, where the impact on the structuring of deals for affiliates in Africa was discussed.

Mathew Symmonds, CEO and Founder at Web Analysis Solutions Limited, admitted that the situation in both Uganda and Kenya, home to a government initiated hostile tax dispute against the betting industry, is making it difficult for affiliates to have confidence in revenue share deals. 

Symmonds, whose company runs football tipster sites WinDrawWin.com and Predictz.com, stated: “I still think revenue share is great in Africa, but moving forward in Uganda or Kenya can you commit to a revenue share deal that’s going to pay you over the next few years as the customer’s lifetime evolves or do you want a CPA up front? 

“Operators probably look at average CPAs as fairly low, whereas if we divide our revenue share by player numbers we’re seeing much, much higher values than we would be offered on CPA. 

“So it’s quite a dilemma – do we take the money up front and take one fifth of what we would earn, or do we just chance it on revenue share and hope that operator won’t be shut down.”

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