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Father’s Day ideas to generate more revenue to your program

Prepare for a statement that might send you into a flying panic: Father’s Day is right around the corner. Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to give them, you might ask yourself how your brand can use Father’s Day to gain engagement and create more revenue for your affiliate marketing program. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at our guide to Father’s Day ideas for your content.

But we can’t help you with deciding on a gift, sorry!

Tailor your genre to Father’s Day

Depending on what genre of content you specialise in, this can look different. Some genres will allow you to just add your father to the mix for a fun co-op piece of content. This lends itself well to genres like: food reviews, DIY, hair styling, or beauty for a bit of fun.

Otherwise, you can offer products and events that you think would make for good gifts and ‘things-to-do’ on Father’s Day. Get creative with how you incorporate Father’s Day into your content and you’re sure to stand out.

Prompt Father’s Day anecdotes from your users

This is a good time to get engagement up. You can post a prompt on social media asking for stories that you would like to share on Father’s Day. Offer something less vague than “Stories about your dad” so you get lots of responses. Examples can be: “Tell us your best Thanksgiving Dad story” or “Holiday Dad story”.

Your post will soon be flooded with anecdotes which you can then filter through and post your favourites on Stories and TikTok, with permission.

Tap into dad trends

Yes, there are dad trends. You might even have seen some yourself. Dad jokes are an obvious one. We all say we can’t stand them, but they always get a begrudging giggle, and perhaps an eye roll. You can put together a series of dad jokes to share with the world on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for example.

But the real treasure is on TikTok, where dads get outed for turning into a drill sergeant the second they enter an airport, three hours too early, or their insistence that the family can’t get a dog and then they end up becoming the person that loves the dog more than anyone.

All of these trends are available for you to add your own spin on. There are variations of the airport trend, for example, that say something along the lines of “You’ve seen Dad at an airport, now see Dad at a buffet line” where he’s monitoring portions amongst the kids.

Offer gift ideas that aren’t slippers and flasks

“It’s so hard to shop for men”, is the usual lament of any woman, but it’s really not helped by aisles of shops that are only filled with the same five or six items recommended for Father’s Day. It’s like the world thinks every father instantly turns into Ron Swanson: only interested in a stiff drink of whiskey or coffee and a mug to put it in. When you have to buy a gift every year, that gets old quickly.

We guarantee your content will take off if you offer an alternative – any alternative! The options are wide open. Give ideas that appeal to different types of dads or show off-the-wall products to consider. Offer events, homemade options, etc. anything to help the desperate children of the world who are contemplating buying another pair of slippers. Won’t someone please think of the children?

Or don’t

It’s sadly a lot more common for any given person to be without a father, rather than a mother. According to the single-parent charity, Gingerbread, around 90% of single parents are women in the UK. It’s not likely that anyone really wants to be reminded of this fact on what is supposed to be a holiday, and then there are people whose parents are gone to consider. This is why you’ve likely seen a few recent marketing campaigns that feature a newsletter sent to their customers that ask, “Do you want to opt out of our Father’s Day marketing?”

This is a good solution since it doesn’t ostracise fathers that are there and present in their children’s lives, nor make an unbalance between fathers and mothers, but still allows the customer to side-step the whole holiday if they don’t want to think about it. Meanwhile, you’re targeting the audience you want without bothering anyone else.

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