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The Elevate Summit Vol 2: The CMO’s Playbook

Continuing our Christmas hits in affiliate marketing, we’re looking at another great take from our Elevate Summit: how performance marketing is being adopted into brand management structures. Featuring insights from panel members, Helen Southgate from Acceleration Partners, Stephanie Harris from PartnerCentric, Seb Bardin from Unilever, and Matt Frary from The Partner Agency.

This panel of great marketing minds is discussing with Lee-Ann the broad definitions that are lost on modern CMOs and how they can apply modern affiliate marketing methods. Listen here for the full details.

What can we take into 2023?

In order to give you the most up-to-date and detailed CMO’s Playbook, we’re looking at tips that you can learn from 2022 and take into 2023. Complete with insights from our Elevate Summit panel members. So, what’s to be taken into the future?

Stephanie Harris: “Performance doesn’t mean there is no upfront investment.”

The first piece of CMOs of the affiliate marketing agency is to make sure you are putting in as much as you intend to get out of your marketing campaign.

Stephanie says, “Analysis that can be done to ensure that you and the decision makers in your company feel comfortable and confident that the investment is going to generate the return that you need, or that you understand what you as a business need to work on first before you can see that return when you enter the affiliate space.”

Helen Southgate: “You get out what you put in.”

Echoing her concept somewhat, Helen adds that you get out what you put in in terms of time investment and effort. But you shouldn’t be above outsourcing if you need to.

Helen says, “I think if you leave an affiliate program to run, it doesn’t run very well. It’s stagnant and so you have to keep working at it. And – I think it’s a plug considering this – a few agencies on this, like getting outside advice, expert advice, which is massively beneficial to everyone I think.”

Matt Frary: “This is a human relationship-based business.”

It’s important for CMOs to remember that affiliate marketing is all about creating relationships. Relationships between affiliate and manager, between brands, between affiliates and users, and more.

Matt says, “I think we need to realize that although we want this to be zeros and ones and the industry is very data based, we need to realize really what we are in here is the relationship and people business. And part of that is reaching out, that’s part of partnering, that’s part of using the resources around us being willing to try things with other people. It’s not folding our arms and saying that will never work. … So, we have to get out of our own ways.”

Seb Bardin: “End-to-end campaigns are challenging the status quo.”

Seb, on the other hand, likes to plan for the future.

Seb says, “From a brand, from a performance, perspective, yes, of course we want to understand our brand metrics, but also when it comes more to performance, where is the autumn coming as part of this journey?”

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Listen to find out more about:

  • The basics of affiliate marketing commonly lost on CMOs
  • The finer details of strategizing your affiliate marketing campaign
  • What makes a good affiliate marketing manager
  • Exclusive advice from individual Elevate Summit panel members

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[10:00] – What makes a lazy marketer and what to avoid

[15:00] – How to set the right budget to get the most marketing out of your money

[20:00] – Strategizing for various channels of affiliate marketing

[25:00] – New methods of outcome-based marketing

[30:00] – What should we take from 2022 and send into 2023?

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