DMF Review: Embracing the AI revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) expert and celebrated Tedx host Katie King was the keynote speaker at last week’s Digital Marketing Forum, closing the event with a talk entitled ‘Building a new media empire’. We’ve outlined some of the key takeaways from the fascinating encounter.

A journey of lifelong learning

“I’ve been at some awe-inspiring dinners recently,” King began. “Talking about the impact of artificial intelligence on life, on society, on marketing, on sport, on every aspect of business and pleasure, so I want to share some of that with you. I don’t think it matters if you’re 52 – like me – or if you’re 22 and it’s your first few years in your industry, you are all going to be on a journey of lifelong learning – and you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s easy, whatever age you are, to be in your comfort zone, so I would urge you to open your mind and be open-minded to AI.”

A new way of thinking and a new business paradigm

“As I mentioned, I’m not here to take you down the road of hype,” she continued. “ But I do want to get you to open your mind to a new way of thinking, a new business paradigm and to a new marketing paradigm as well. And that’s as relevant for the operator as for the affiliates. From those of you who are looking at marketing from all different perspectives, or even if you’re in sales and HR – whatever business function – this is relevant. Whatever industry sector you’re in, whatever job function you’re in, or whatever part of the world you’re in.”

Voice search continues to change dramatically

“Take something like voice search,” she expanded. “For many years I’ve been running SEO and digital marketing training courses and workshops within companies, and in that time voice search has changed dramatically – and continues to change. The key is that you do need to have a strategy for voice search.
“I believe AI could and should change geopolitics. It’s essential that you get involved with the ethics and make sure it’s not just for commercial gain.”
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