DMF Review: What does content marketing mean to you?

At the inaugural Digital Marketing Forum last week, CasinoBeats Managing Director Stewart Darkin moderated a panel that tackled the multifaceted world of content marketing. Entitled ‘Brand building in the age of content marketing’, the discussion featured rigorous debate, with each speaker spelling out exactly what content marketing means to them. Below are some of their answers.

Content marketing is the invite to the party

“You can have products and services which are the best in the world, you’ve got a great party, you’ve got great booze, you’ve got great people there, you’ve got a great DJ, etc, but you need to invite people to it,” began Square in the Air Director Robin Hutchison. “Ultimately that invite takes many different forms, whether it’s the written word, or video, or social media, or experiential stuff – lots of different things – it’s effectively about bringing people to whatever it is you’re selling.”

Content marketing is having a voice

“It’s your voice. It’s your brand,” urged Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, VP Strategy at Income Access. “Our audience is a B2B audience, so it’s not really about selling anything, it’s not really about trying to push your offers or your products to people, but it’s about showing value and it’s about giving insight and being relevant. So all the content that we work on is really all about: where does it add value? And what problem are we trying to solve?”

Each brand has to play to their strengths

“Content marketing is usually preceded with the words ‘we should probably do some’. And as soon as you say ‘content’ you tend to get a bit of a groan,” joked Sam Behar, Marathonbet Global Head of Marketing. “Each brand has to play to their strengths with regards to content and the assets that they have. We’re very fortunate at Marathonbet to have global partnerships with great football clubs, but I think content just has to be engaging. I see far too many operators thinking that they’re broadcasters, thinking that they’re a TV channel”

Something that engages your audience

“As the other guys have said, content marketing takes various forms,” added Ben Cronin, Head of Content Marketing at Pinnacle. “Whether that’s the written word, video, to me it’s just something that engages your audience. It gets your brand out there and it gets people interacting with what you do. As an operator, for us it’s acquisition, it’s retention, it’s reactivation, it literally touches every point that we want to do as a business.”
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