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Cammegh starts blockchain integration

Roulette wheels manufacturer Cammegh has begun integrating blockchain technology internally, having completed the first phase of this venture. It achieved this in collaboration with CasinoCoin.

Tightening security

As a result of adding blockchain to its systems, operators should experience better fraud protection and improvements to both data and verification.

Richard Cammegh, Managing Director of Cammegh, said: “This is the first step, but a crucial one. As with all successful projects, having a valid user case is key.

“The blockchain could not be a better vehicle to service the gaming industry’s need for ever more accountability and traceability, while enabling Cammegh to supply our customers with more diverse products in a global market, across varied jurisdictions in differing currencies.”

Earlier this year, Cammegh and CasinoCoin announced a partnership agreement. After joining forces, the Cammegh Token was launched. This included CasinoCoin’s blockchain technology, which transmitted data from each spin from the provider’s activated wheels.

When talking about this venture, Cammegh talked about the long-term benefits of this deal.

“We’re fortunate to have teamed up with CasinoCoin”, he added.

“Their blockchain technology and global understanding of the gaming industry will help to deliver our products and a level of service that regulators will demand in the future.”

Where will blockchain be used?

As things stand, CasinoCoin’s blockchain will support the roulette wheel developer’s maintenance and service schedules. Associated payments, where these are performed through the Cammegh Token, will also leverage this technology. It will then be integrated through all wheel distribution going forward.

John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy at the CasinoCoin Foundation, said: “To have secured Cammegh, one of gaming’s most trusted and innovative providers, as our first partner is fantastic. We’re certain that the deal will considerably strengthen CasinoCoin as a whole.

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