BrLab launches blockchain-based betting protocol Azuro

Betting giant BrLab has launched its blockchain-based betting protocol Azuro. It will democratise the betting landscape and promote transparency on both sides.

A betting revolution

Not dissimilar from conventional bookmakers, Azuro stands out from the crowd with its cryptocurrency-based transactions, its limitless games, its smart contracts, and its specialised algorithm that guarantees payment every time. As a result, bettors should have no problem withdrawing their funds.

In the simplest of terms, it is, essentially, a code on the Ethereum blockchain that replaces conventional bookmakers and gives bettors the opportunity to bet both safely and fairly.

With the platform in demo mode, bettors can place their bets for free with no hidden costs.

A much-needed solution

In recent years, bettors have grown frustrated with limits, delayed payouts, account suspensions, and spending hours on the phone to customer support. A growing number of conventional bookmakers have even started imposing limits on betting novices. With so many factors at play, it can lead to an unenjoyable betting experience for both parties involved.

Azuro encourages what it calls trust-less betting with no centralised intermediary to hold funds, cancel bets, or even block them from being released in the first place.

On Azuro, all bets are completed on smart contracts. This means that anyone can invest and earn returns with liquidity pools. In addition, anyone can become an operator and collaborate and develop further business opportunities.

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