Amplify Summit: What the BIG affiliate performance marketing trends are for 2023

The affiliate and partnership marketing industry is constantly shifting and evolving. As technology develops and consumer behavior and preferences change, marketing campaigns and strategies need to be constantly reviewed and optimized to meet these changing demands.

At our upcoming Amplify Summit, you will have the chance to access a range of exclusive talks and panels from a host of industry experts. What’s more, you will also get to participate in several workshops and networking opportunities.

At 12.30 PM on day one of the Amplify Summit, we’ll be hosting a panel where industry-leading performance marketing experts will be discussing the most significant trends that the industry can expect to see in 2023.

This in-depth discussion will offer affiliate managers valuable insights into what they can expect to see in the very near future and will offer them advice on how to best adjust and adapt their strategies as they move forward.

Panelists will include Lee-Ann Johnstone, the founder of Affiverse who has two decades of digital and affiliate marketing experience. She will be joined on the day by Mike Schmidt, the leader of Shopify’s influencer partner program Collabs, CEO of performance marketing network Perform[cb] Erin Cigich, and Head of Performance at comparison website Stephen Davis.

Registrations are open now for our 2023 Amplify Summit, to be held from the 17th to the 18th of January. Sign up and get access to exclusive marketing insights and guidance. You’ll also get the chance to get your hands on a free affiliate manager toolkit. You don’t want to miss out, so register and secure your place today!

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