AMPLIFY Summit Highlights – Part 3

Part three of our four-part series is LIVE now. The affiliate marketing podcast seems to be getting better and better every week, who agrees? This series was about dissecting crucial key points that came out of our affiliate AMPLIFY summit.  

This week we will be sharing some of the pertinent points that were shared across our SEO panel which showcased Judith Lewis, Rishi Lakhani and Martin Calvert 3 very well-known SEO’s in the British Community. Together they shared some interesting thoughts about how SEO trends and practicalities need to be addressed when working in affiliate marketing. 

If you’re short on time and or missed nabbing your seat to AMPLIFY before the doors were closed early at this inaugural event,  head on over to our website: – and go register yourself to attend our ELEVATE Summit in June – NOW. 

Listen to find out more about:  

  • The importance of leveraging your partner’s commercial terms and reducing the cost to justify that SEO boost’s both sides 
  • The use of PPC and keywords in SEO  
  • Internal linking and how crucial this is 

[06:00] – Listen to how important link building is in SEO  

[13:00] – Listen to why you should utilise your affiliate for your program  

[18:00] – Hear how crucial brand protection is for your program  

[25:00] – Micro optimisation: A key asset to improving your SEO program  

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