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Safe Affiliate Programs


At Safe Affiliate Programs we are a unity of affiliate marketing programs that share our attitude towards forming business relationships built on honesty, trust and integrity. We are striving to enhance the services by uniting under this hub while creating synergies for both ourselves and our affiliate partners. We are intent on adding value to our partners by creating one-stop newsletters, more social- and business events, as well as seminars and roadshows.


Friendship and common goals were key to this unity of programs. Over time, working side by side at every event the gambling community is hosting, a bunch of us have learned that we share business values, that we accept that affiliate relationships have to be built on trust and integrity. Conversations have led to actions – collaborations have formed.


We have come to realise that sharing some common events will benefit the affiliates and operators alike, thus forming an even greater circle and opening established separate (single operator) events to other operators within this circle. Thus creating a “safe” zone for affiliate partners by enjoying working and socialising with other integral business partners.


Our circle of operators now opened this platform “safe affiliate programs” to openly show their friendship and invite affiliates to understand our philosophy and our business mentality.

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