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Worldwide is the largest advertising network with more than 100K sites and apps that are ready to work with your ad. Since 2012 we offer high-quality traffic, transparent statistics, and 7 high demanded ad types.

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Top-performing verticals, demonstrating the highest effectiveness on Kadam traffic:

  • Installs
  • Betting
  • Financial Offers
  • iGaming
  • Dating
  • Sweepstake
  • Natural
  • Adult
  • Product
  • Crypto

We engage with diverse formats of online advertising. Identify the format that will specifically cater to your marketing campaigns:

In page/in app push
Display ads

Our advantages

  • Support 24/7 – We respond questions within 10 minutes – our experts will solve any of your inquiries
  • CPA target Algorithm – Bids are automatically set at the targeting level to acquire traffic at the most favorable price for your product.
  • Anti-fraud – Kadam has an integrated anti-fraud system, Kaminari, that filters and analyzes every click. It only requires 10 cents to identify whether a traffic source is from a bot or not.
    Traffic from all GEO

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