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Multisource Platform
GEO´s: Global

PropellerAds is a multisource advertising platform providing access to unique traffic sources and AI-based ad-serving/optimization tools for media buyers, agencies, brand owners, and affiliate marketers.

The main platform’s benefits are:
– Multiple exclusive traffic sources in a single advertiser’s account
– Exceptional traffic quality and purity ensured by the latest anti-fraud software
– Demographic and Interests Targeting for Push ads
– In-Page Push – a traffic type that allows you to target iOS and Mac devices
– Direct Click traffic for Popunder campaigns that might boost your CR up to 120 times
– CPA Goal – a new-generation optimization tool that ensures your campaign will reach the conversion price you set with no effort on your part
– Precise statistics and A/B testing tools

For more information contact Maro or Aleksandra:  [email protected]

The company is also a member IAB Europe and has a ISO/IEC 27001 Safety Certificate.

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