Affiliate Spotlight: ProTipster CEO and co-founder Bertan Baytekin

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This week, we chat to Bertan Baytekin, co-founder and CEO of ProTipster, who discusses how ProTipster switched to a content-driven affiliation model.
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing ProTipster as a site and explaining its history in the affiliate space?
Bertan Baytekin: ProTipster is a global sports tipping community. It aims to provide the easiest tipping interface and the most transparent content for its members; while attempting to solve the player retention and loyalty problem for operators.
We believe that sports betting is an entertainment product and it could be a lifestyle. ProTipster helps punters get more value for their wagers by suggesting them the right operator and exposing them to more winners and thousands of great tipsters.
ProTipster was launched in 2015 as a marketplace to buy and sell betting tips. Our aim was to create a stock-market environment for betting tips but we switched to a content-driven affiliation model in 2017.
Affiverse: There are a number of sports betting affiliate sites out there. What makes ProTipster stand out from the rest?
BB: I would say it’s the focus on user value. ProTipster is a very member-driven community and it will always stay that way. There have been decisions that are commercially less meaningful but they were made in favour of member value.
The result is over 15k betting tips per day each of which is segmented and graded by ProTipster’s algorithm to pick the ones that deliver more winning probability. ProTipster also helps users with Assistance feature by analysing their tipping patterns and suggesting them personalised recommendations.  
Affiverse: How important are welcome bonuses when it comes to generating traffic and clicks?
BB: We do represent the welcome bonuses of our partners but our community seems to prefer not consuming them. Our organic acquisition is focusing on users who look for good quality tips and not people who are looking for bonuses.
Affiverse: How has, if at all, the new laws set to limit gambling advertising impacted ProTipster?
BB: We think it’s to our benefit. Projects that are run like ProTipster will benefit from regulation because we do follow and obey the rules. All in all, the new laws made the playing ground level for fair companies.
Affiverse: As we move further into 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for the next twelve months and beyond for ProTipster?
BB: ProTipster will get stronger in key European markets. Content of the site will also get much richer with more reviews and also more contribution from our members. ProTipster’s aim is to help its members make sports betting a lifestyle by creating transparency and quality as a meta-layer.

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