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Affiliate Spotlight: Kingbet Media, Doing the right things, right.

In 2020 marketing trends are evolving faster than ever before. Technology is changing as a well and at a breathtaking pace! The iGaming industry is no exception. Given the fact that cookie policies are about to change dramatically, everyone is trying to survive in this fluid stage to find their placement for the future!

Kingbetmedia network of affiliates is no exception. We caught up with Kingbet to find out about what’s been working for their business and how they are seeing the market landscape change.

We  give our best in a world that presents us with new challenges every day and we work hard to make sure that our partners are getting the best results, whether it’s about performance or brand awareness.says Giannis Koutivas.

Having many eggs in many baskets is the answer

Kingbetmedia has a long history in affiliate marketing., the flagship product has almost a million monthly users in Greece and the whole network of kingbet media’s Greek websites, control the vast majority of the Greek iGaming market. But as the saying goes “even if you are on the right track, you will be run over if you don’t move. So we started moving fast.” , says Koutivas.

Video is the new king

Kingbet went full throttle on video content and it’s paid dividends continues Koutivas, “We started operating a brand new twitch channel that will soon be 24/7! We have a betting broadcast right now and our already famous slotty pythons show, which is about playing online slots of course! ”

“We are thrilled with this project cause it has gained attention pretty fast and we find it to be the best opportunity for operators to raise brand awareness. Pretty soon, an English language 24/7 gambling channel will be launched as well.

But where’s the fun in having only one video source, so we thought bigger, and developed our own You Tube Channel with a local stand up comedian to further engage planers. With the powerhouse partner named Tsouvelas, who is the next big thing in stand up comedy in Greece, we manage to hit 100K views with relative ease! ” 

Community Engagement is the emperor!

Kingbetmedia operates a lot of Social media channels. As far as they are concerned Instagram and FB pages are already obsolete as traffic sources. The real fun, they say is in the building of community groups where customers can engage and build rapport with their brand.

“Our users and group visitors are sharing real life stories around betting with a sense of humor. This is the final touch required to building the biggest affiliate brand name in Greece.” says Koutivas.

Exporting the know-how

Greece is among the most competitive markets for affiliates and recent licence applications have opened up new opportunities to promote new brands. There are so many people trying to reach the top and the licensed operators are currently so few.

“Being the best affiliate in Greece is a kind of a big deal”  says Koutivas, “This country even has newspapers that are dedicated to sports and betting! Kingbet included,  which is another way we seek to promote our partners in the best possible way to more local communities based here.”

“It’s taken years for us to acquire the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and being able to export this intel over to our our new international products, , and has impacted the way we have grown our business significantly in the past 18 months now offering quality traffic around the globe (especially UK, DE, Norditcs, CA, IN. KE, NG) and we are ready to lift off to new heights – thanks to our stable and prominent partners of course.”

When hard work pays off has recently been awarded as the best non-english website at IGB Affiliates London Affiliate Conference  and now we are also shortlisted for both the SBC and the EGR awards! And not just for but for our whole affiliate network too ” says Koutivas,  who believes their business is ready to compete with top affiliate businesses such as Catena Media and Better Collective.

“The more you get recognised, the harder you need to work to support that recognition!” said Koutivas as we discussed their rise to glory.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with new partners as the Greek market opens up and our international products will keep evolving along with and , now customised to the German language traffic!”

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