Affiliate Spotlight: How has solved casino filtering

It feels as though the online iGaming environment welcomes a new casino to its collection every day, and so it comes as no surprise to find that players are now having trouble picking out the next casino to play at. Variety is all well and good, but casino lists are getting far too long these days. Trying to find a new casino can often end up feeling very similar to the endless Netflix scrolling dilemma, you get to the bottom and you are still none the wiser. So, this is where stepped in with its effortless and time-saving tool.

Innovation at its best is one of Norway’s largest online casino portals and so they know full well what the current situation is like with all these new sites being launched. It is relentless, and so the team behind decided to do something about it. With over 200 casinos already reviewed and stored away on their portal, they did not expect players to just sit there and read through every one of them. That would not be time efficient, and so this is where their innovative casino filter idea originated from.

Take a look: See how allows users to filter through over 200 casino reviews

The reason why their unique casino filter has become such a big hit amongst Norwegians is partly down to the stringent regulations around Norwegian gambling, and partly down to the detail behind which the filter works. First and foremost, most Norwegian online casino players already know the issues that lie behind funding accounts at foreign casinos. The local regulations make it extremely difficult and your options are stripped back and limited.

With this in mind, one of the most important filter options that the team at decided to create was for payment methods. It gives players an instant list of casinos that accept the payment methods you filter from the list, and don’t worry, the list is extensive and includes nearly every possible banking provider available. It therefore becomes a very useful tool for players looking to enjoy the entertainment and bonuses available at the numerous international online casinos outside of Norway, but the filter does not stop there.

Understanding what players want has been providing assistance for Norwegians ever since 2004, and so the filtering options were never going to stop at just payment methods. This is a site that fully understands the needs of its readers. In addition to the banking, you can also filter through bonus amounts, the number of free spins available, the bonus turnover requirements, any of the hidden casinos, deposit-free bonuses, and casino gaming providers. What this gives you is an extremely useful tool that narrows down the huge number of online casinos to a practical list. You can then easily pick out your next home of online casino entertainment.

It is all about working smarter these days and allows you to do just that with its in-depth filtering tool. As a result, you can spend less time aimlessly scrolling through hundreds of casino reviews and more time playing your favourite games at the best casinos.


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