Acquisitions aide progression for Catena Media

Progression has continued for Catena Media, with the confirmation of two new acquisitions.

The group first announced the acquisition of, and, all of the sites will be used to create an ecosystem of quality content in the area of foreign exchange as part of the Trade Finance vertical.

The acquisitions will provide Catena with the opportunity to improve sites currently focusing on advertising so that they instead focus on lead generation. The acquired assets currently generate quarterly sales of about USD 250,000.

Henrik Persson Ekdahl, Acting CEO commented on the deal: “Foreign exchange represents major trading volumes, both for professional and non-professional traders requiring reliable information – Catena Media has set-out to become the leader in this space.” started in 2004. It is a foreign exchange trading Information site providing details of foreign exchange brokers, sign-up offers and useful information pertaining to the area of foreign exchange. Catena Media will extend this by adding premium content relating to various currencies, newsletters and instructional videos and newscasts.

The group followed this up by acquiring the premium Australian stock market news and analysis site, together with other key sites, such as and the domain

To build this brand and stay ahead of the competition Catena Media is also acquiring the video-focused sites and, as well as similar domains, from the author Ashley Jessen, who has published books, articles and several videos on trading. The acquired assets currently generate quarterly sales of about AUD 100,000. provides stock market analysis from Australia’s leading finance journalists. Ashley Jessen (author of industry-leading book “CFD’s Made Simple”) will stay with the company and produce a variety of exclusive video content for Catena Media. The sites and IP rights acquired will be used to build an eco-system of quality written, video and audio content. In addition to the sites and domains, the lead-generating business model will be leveraged to improve on current revenue generation.  

Persson Ekdahl outlined: “Taking a great stock market news publishing site and adding video content, weekly market round-up pod and video-casts, as well as ‘how-to’ videos will be a powerful combination and a first for Australia.” was started in 2006 by traders and is run by long-standing finance journalists with no ties to any financial services companies, associations, or any other listed or unlisted companies. It is now based in Melbourne, Australia. is a website providing stock news relating to the Australian stock market.

The initial purchase price of The Bull, payable in conjunction with the transfer of the assets, amounts to an upfront cash payment of AUD 0.9 million. In addition, there is a deferred payment after six months of AUD 0.25 million based on hand-over obligations being met.

The purchase price of and related assets amounts to a maximum payment of AUD 0.1 million and includes the production of video content for Catena Media sites for one year.

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