A New Look at Modern SEO

As we kicked off season 9 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast with an amazing guest, we knew we had to keep up the standards. This is why we have brought in Paul Kasamias, Managing Partner, Performics@Starcom. Paul has 18 years agency side experience of working within digital and performance marketing, including all direct-to-consumer channels across Paid Media and Performance Content. Paul leads a team of 200+ experts across a range of disciplines. Over the past 3 years the team have won 18 specialist awards including the prestigious Grand Prix at the Performance Marketing Awards for running world class channel activities as well as end to end, data driven marketing campaigns. Paul was recently voted in the top50 industry leaders via PerformanceIn and really enjoys participating in industry events such as judging industry awards. Who else better to discuss modern SEO?

Performics are a world class performance and digital marketing agency that buys media, creates content and optimizes brand experiences to business outcomes, across the entire consumer decision journey through our proprietary approach of unlocking intent to deliver favourable outcomes.

Listen to find out more about: 

  • What Performics does
  • What is modern SEO?
  • Why must your business be discoverable? 

[02:30] – Learn about Paul’s background here

[06:00] – Listen to find out about why AI has changed the marketing world 

[10:00] – What are the best modern SEO practices to ensure that you are giving your business the best chance 

[32:00] – Paul gives his best tips 

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Season 9 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast is here! We will be adding new episodes each week that will feature a range of guests sharing insights on SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Social Selling and so much more!  

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